Our Mission

To create a unique, stylish and sustainable sandal that affords wearers' a comfortable way to express their Detroit pride, while empowering CCSS workers to gain vital skills and work experience.

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There is an abundance of tires in Detroit's waste stream. They cause health and safety concerns when stockpiled or placed in landfills. Treads uses these tires as the soles of our sandals, providing a stylish and functional way to get these tires out of the landfills and back to good use.

Recycled Tires

Entech Shredder

We have partnered with Entech Inc, a tire recycling facility capable of creating large amounts of rubber particulates from these waste stream tires. After these particulates are finely shredded, they serve as the primary component of our sandal soles.


Mixing Stage

Tire particulates are mixed with resin to produce a consistency that is fit for a rugged and comfortable sandal which embodies Detroit's blue collar mentality. We use two separate resins to produce two distinct soles.


Filling the Mold

The mixture of particulates and resin are poured and pressed into the urethane mold. The mixture is shaped to the mold and cures to develop tire tread strength.


Seat Belt Straps

Seat belts are commonly found in Detroit's waste stream, particularly in junkyards. We use recycled seat belts as sandal straps to securely hold the wearer's foot inside the sandal.



Click and drag to spin sandals. Or double click to animate. The individual sandal components are assembled by CCSS workers, and the transition from harmful waste to functional product is complete.


Our Team

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